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Influencer-Loyalty System for OEM

Our cutting-edge influencer loyalty distribution software tool! Our platform helps brands create and manage loyalty programs for influencers, streamline rewards distribution, and track program performance with ease.

Solution Applicable

  • FMCG
  • Manufacturing
  • BFSI
  • Insurance
  • Electronics
  • Consumer Durables

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Problems of the Segment


The global marketplace is highly competitive, and suppliers may be tempted to work with other manufacturers if they offer better deals or incentives.

Pricing pressure

OEMs often put pressure on suppliers to reduce their prices, which can negatively impact supplier profitability and erode loyalty over time.

Dependence on a single supplier

OEMs may become overly dependent on a single supplier, which can lead to supply chain disruptions if that supplier fails to meet expectations or goes out of business.

Communication breakdowns

Poor communication between the OEM and suppliers can lead to misunderstandings, delays, and other issues that can damage the relationship over time.

Lack of trust

Building trust is an essential aspect of maintaining loyalty in the supply chain. If there is a lack of trust between the OEM and suppliers, it can lead to issues such as withholding information, disputes, and broken promises. This can ultimately result in a loss of loyalty and a breakdown in the relationship.

Price fluctuations

Raw material prices can be volatile, and unexpected price fluctuations can impact the suppliers to switch with the competing company. Through loyal relationships with suppliers, OEMs can negotiate fair prices and work together to manage cost fluctuations.

Highlighted Features

Sales enablement

The software should provide tools for sales teams to engage with prospects and customers, including lead management, opportunity tracking, and customer relationship management.

Increase ROI

These robust online systems can often reduce the costs associated with traditional business operations.

Digital Data Records

Digital data records are a new normal help in managing the remote location .

Improved Analytics

The software should provide analytics and reporting features to help businesses measure the effectiveness of their go-to-market strategies and make data-driven decisions.

Improved Scalability

By optimizing workflows and streamlining processes, software can help businesses handle increased workloads with ease, reducing the need for additional staff and increasing scalability.

Best Fit Solution

PR involves a range of activities such as media relations, event planning, content creation, social media management, and community outreach. These activities are designed to reach and engage with target audiences, including customers, employees, investors, journalists, and the general public.



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