Chatbot Development

Basically, when you deal with huge online cowd/customer’s after sales queries the Chatbot is the best support automation tool that stimulates human conversation, it also helps your customer support prompt & quick. Alao keeps the brand recall values along with best after sales support policy utilization.

How We Work

Step 1

Meet & Greet

Step 2

Discuss in Details

Step 3

Understand the Flow

Step 4


Step 5

Ideate and Documentations

Step 6

Flow, UI/UX Design flow

Step 7

Production & Development

Step 8

Deliver, Quality Analysis

1. Simple Chatbots

As the name suggests, Simple chatbots have limited functional use and capabilities, they are usually called rule-based bots. Built for specific tasks and are semi automated. Generally it comprises questions based on predetermined options and the customer can choose from the options until they get answers to their query. Mostly used for partial purpose of after sales support on websites or apps.

2. Smart Chatbots

AI-enabled smart chatbots are designed to take forward the communication next to human interactions with customers, probably banks and high prestigious institutes use these kinds of chatbots. Flawless conversation is possible here with prior prebuilt programmed information to understand interaction, language, and sentiment. Here we need to build a lot of data to learn.

3. Hybrid Chatbots

Hybrid Chatbots are the combination of simple and smart chatbots. It is partially trained and partially automated, some rule-based tasks, and where they can understand and interact with intent and context in available databases. These are considered to be ideal in businesses, processes and other standards processes etc.
Hybrid Chatbots are the great combination of simple and smart chatbots.