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Top Do’s and Don'ts while growing your online startup company!

  1. Online Reach (Mass) The main advantage of online set up is you have less cost of infrastructure as compared to physical business set up, here you can also reach target class with right marketing means and with right type of engagement with clients online. “The mass will attract mass” is a real mantra in online business so always target a strategy which will help you to reach mass customer bases within less time. However, don’t run any fake ideas, fake news which damages your user class also avoid false commitments , kindly ensure interactive and believable ads, discounts, referral schemes.

  2. Continuous Engagement Activities : it becomes necessary as here our business model is online, our user(customer) is online whatever they are going to feel the product will be virtual hence its necessary to understand their choice pattern & liking pattern. Here are a few to discuss: you need to engage your customers with effective pricing, comparison, discounts, choices, refer points etc which will really help to grow your business organically. However , while engagement with online users kindly avoid unnecessary annoyance with a lot of advertising beyond their choice architect, this can be a reason to lose your quality client.

  3. Refer and Earn Points system : Refer and earn is one of the Great (Viral) marketing strategies and most trusted marketing approaches proved by all types of businesses. This strategy is done by offering incentives, rewards and encouraging clients (users) to recommend the products or services to other people in their contact sphere (or peer) which will give you New Client base. Avoid giving false commitments which will harm your image in the market.

  4. Attend Real Time Feedback this very effective tool when your business is online, because this is the only tool of engagement with clients other than your trade where you will get the chance to improve your Customer Experience at next level. It also increases your referability with the clients & their network sphere. Never ever use any arrogance or abusive communication with clients which will cost you to lose your brand value. Even a single such case can affect you a lot.

  5. Home Delivery : In order to keep growing in online business one needs to take care of proper delivery mechanisms. Note that Home Delivery is a proper pain reliever for online customers, this is the best chance to prove your quality of service along with loyalty towards Customers to ensure your further business. Never ever do false commitments of Home Delivery. If you are not able to provide Home Delivery in a particular area then please feel free to apologize, this will give a caring image of your brand towards customers.

  6. Right Comparison : Comparison is a key area of customers buying psychology at time of final purchase. Hence it is an influential factor on your portal but at same time always keep in mind show genuine and quality comparison to customers. Your online crowd would really appreciate your this comparison feature if they find it friendly to shop with. Avoid showing irrelevant comparison of goods to the customer at the time of his purchase decision; this may hamper your brand value and degrade your rating.

  7. Online Refund Policy : Another great thing to be loyal to your customers is make Clear Refund Policy while purchase return. This is one the great competitive advantages of online and offline markets as well. Also when your customer comes from every walk of like and from every locations then it becomes very important that you take care of refund Policy , this is one of the decisive feature while doing online business.

  8. Online Payment Facility : Online payment option is really must while doing altogether business operations online. This is really a pain reliever to online customers. They will literally suggest your portal to their peers, if you resolve their pain area. making easy to buy things online is the future of new economy.

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