Policy Statment



The following statements describe the overall objectives and policies of the Jupiter Ocean Consultants. These are approved and signed, by the Director. All employees and inspectors are expected to adhere to these at all times in the execution of their work for Jupiter. The combined statement is prominently displayed within the Jupiter offices.


To meet customers' requirements for providing high quality inspection schemes within the industry.
To continuously improve the way we operate.
To measure our performance and provide meaningful statistical evidence of our progress.


To consistently meet our customers' quality demands
To arrange Jupiter in a manner to ensure Compliance with ISO 9001:2000 Standard
To implement and maintain awareness of and participation in meeting quality objectives
To keep proper records to demonstrate effectiveness of the quality system


To improve the safety and quality performance of marine transportation.
To provide chemical companies with cost effective systems for risk assessment, thus assisting their commitment to Responsible Care.


Jupiter will ensure that highly reliable and accurate inspections are maintained. Inspection protocols will be constantly updated in line with legislation, accepted international standards and technology.
Jupiter will generate sufficient funds to operate within the budgetary limits set by the Director. Surplus capital will be used to reduce constantly the charges to customers.
Through evaluation of experience feedback and customer comment, Jupiter will strive for continuous quality improvement.


To ensure employees conduct their activities in ways that are safe for personnel, ships, terminals and the environment.
To ensure that the office administration function contributes to a pollution free environment.
Through inspection protocols, training of personnel and industry presentations, Jupiter will actively promote Safety, Health and a pollution free Environment.
In carrying out the activities of inspection and administration, Jupiter will ensure that all legislation, industry guidance and recommendations are considered.
Jupiter employees and inspectors are expected, at all times, to comply with these Safety, Health and Environment Policies.
Jupiter employees and inspectors are expected, at all times, to comply with the Safety, Health and Environment Policies of the ships and terminals they visit.
Jupiter will monitor safety performance by recording and reviewing all accidents and incidents involving employees and inspectors.
Jupiter will maintain a safe place to work and a healthy working environment for employees.
Jupiter will provide information, instruction and supervision to ensure all employees and inspectors avoid hazards likely to be encountered in their daily activities.


Jupiter will ensure that the right people are employed in the right positions with the right work instructions.
Jupiter will ensure that appropriate training is given to all employees to ensure they stay up-to-date with changing procedures and modern working practice.
Within the office, Jupiter will maintain appropriate safety equipment, fire protection, first aid and welfare facilities.
To respect different cultures, religions, traditions and customs and in so doing maintain the highest integrity in its dealings and activities.
To be honest, straightforward and impartial with its customers, third -parties and employees.
To maintain an administrative system which records accurately and honestly its activities and financial situation.
To prevent any form of incentives being paid to or by employees and inspectors, either in cash or kind in connection with contractual or other business relationships that Jupiter may have with third parties.
To ensure that information which is required to be kept confidential is respected by all employees.


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